You Can Now Play Live Roulette At A Land-Based Casino With The Help Of Your Computer!

Although, the genesis of roulette is shrouded in mystery, the common perception is that it is a French invention, and it is certain that the roulette wheel that is used today comes from France, which is where it was christened.

Blaise Pascal is said to have accidentally invented the roulette wheel in an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine. If Pascal had succeeded in inventing what he originally intended to, there would perhaps be no game of roulette, as the wheel would continue to spin without stopping.

This accident proved to be a blessing in disguise for people who fell in love with the game. The single-zero roulette table created by Francois and Louis Blanc in 1843 in Germany, became so popular that it ruled the land-based casinos for centuries before casinos like Global Live Casino brought the standard single-zero table online.

With the advancement in online gaming technology, Global Live Casino made it possible for people to play live roulette, direct from the real-world casinos to the home computers. Fortunately, this was lapped up by roulette lovers, for the convenience it afforded, while giving a totally real feel to the game. The only difference from playing the game at a real casino is that players watch the game in action and participate using their computers rather than physically sitting at the casino like the other players. Everything else remains exactly the same at it is at a casino.

Global Live Casino has a great reputation in the field of online gaming and has millions of players from around the world playing live roulette and other casino games. Live roulette is a fun game and intended to satisfy the need for people to feel that they are at a real casino, playing one of the most popular games there ever existed.