Land Casino Poker Tips

Poker in bricks-and-mortar casinos is quite a bit different from poker games played in homes or even online. There is etiquette to learn and rules to follow, the most important of which are listed below.

Tip #1 - Seating
Players who are interested in playing casino poker cannot always seat themselves. In some casinos, players must register at a desk and wait for the host to seat them--similar to restaurant practices.

Tip #2 - Betting
While lax rules at home and in some online casinos allow players to change the amount of their bets in the middle of a game, this is not allowed in land-based casinos. The chips on the table are the chips players must play with--no more, no less.

Tip #3 - Raising
Players who wish to raise their opponents must announce that they wish to do so. While many casinos allow hand gestures, some require verbalization.

Tip #4 - Betting Out of Turn
This is strictly forbidden in land-based casinos under any circumstances. Players must always bet in turn as the game will not be placed on hold while players refill their drinks or use the restroom.

Tip #5 - Chip Placement
Players should always place their chips in designated areas instead of in the middle of the table. If side bets are an option, there are usually designated areas for these, as well.

Tip #6 - The Dealer Announces the Winner
Though many people simply throw in their hands in home and online games, players should wait for the dealer to announce the winner in actual casino table games. This ensures that players are not working together to earn money and it protects players against misreading their own hands.

These six tips will help anyone who wants to play poker in a bricks-and-mortar casino feel more at ease. When this is the case, players feel relaxed and are often able to win more often than before.