Online Poker History

Many people assume that poker was only developed in recent years, and that it has its roots in Western gambling hubs like Las Vegas and Reno. The game has a long and intricate global history, however, and its practice extends back many years, having first gained popularity in Asia.

Regional Origins

The exact location where poker first got its start is actually an oft-debated point. Many different places around the globe claim poker as their own, and perhaps we will never know precisely where the first poker game was played. Some believe that it began in Germany, while others pinpoint its origins in the East. What can be proven, however, is the game's popularity rapidly increased when it caught on in China. After that, it was incorporated into traditional casinos and eventually, with the advent of the Internet, into online casinos as well.

A Conglomerate of Card Games

Poker is also believed to be a conglomeration of many different card games, culled from a number of different countries over time. Some studies show that games similar to poker were being played in China as early as the year 900, though dominos were used in lieu of cards. Other research points to the German game of Pochspiel or the Indian game of Ganjifa as early precursors to modern day poker.

Though poker's origins might be questionable, its popularity is not. Since its development, poker has become a game in its own right, much beloved across the globe. This popularity only seems to be gaining momentum, as the game has branched out to include different styles and variations, from Texas HoldÕEm to Online No Limit games.