Some people actually believe that keno has everything to do with their luck. They get stuck to a few numbers and keep hoping that those numbers would show up in some game event. Be it online or offline keno, the strategies remain almost similar.

Here is what you should do, to have an edge over other regular players.

Don't go directly for first few keno boards online as you just wait and observe the sequence and probability of numbers showing up again and again out of the keno barrel. When you are about to place your bets, choose those numbers which haven't shown up in a while as this is a fair opportunity for you to actually win something.

Similarly if you have affinities towards one number then just stick to one number instead of going for entire card. Choosing one number will either give you an edge towards winning or maybe you will keep losing. But chances are that after a few losses you will have developed enough sense to foresee your financial injuries. This will make you go for some other number.

Always place small and minimal bets because experts say that keno is a game of chance and the more you freak out, fewer chances for you to actually have good quality time with your online fellow players.